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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ini nih yang bakalan ada di AQW

Guilds Release
The next J6 update
Dage The Evil quests and merge shop updates.
Underworld release (Dage's personal map)!
Legion storyline(reputation)!
Dage The Evil's shirt and poster coming to heromart!
The Tenth Lord Of Chaos
More Trade Skills! (Blacksmithin scroll-scribing, potionmaking, etc)
Potionmaking is the next trade skill!
Update to Xan storyline
Alina & Rolith's wedding coming October 12!
The conclusion of the Doomwood saga! Part 2 finale: Showdown with Sepulchure!
The Blinding Light of Destiny & Sepulchure's Armor Quest Chains continue!


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